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Annika Wells Sucks Being Sober Lyrics

Unwittingly they pushed me to make good things happen in my life. Living Sober Sucks (but living drunk sucks more) is straightforward and uncomplicated. It is an alternative to the typical recovery model or 12-step program system. I was under the foolish belief that once I stopped drinking I would be happy and everyone would love me more, especially the people that I love.

I believe that your chances of maintaining sobriety and learning to enjoy living sober are heightened by accepting certain realities. I have written these strategies for my own benefit, but I feel that they can be of benefit to other people as well. But that’s only if the other person is interested in reading about them. I make no claim that my strategies are right for YOU. I don’t have to live your life and it’s unreasonable to tell you how you should live your life or what you must do.

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We’d love to hear from you and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you have. And so, in the interest of, at the very least, not looking like a fucking putz, I once again resigned myself to a lifetime of abstaining. The overwhelming majority of my fellow visitors, of course, had not taken such a pledge, but they also weren’t drunks. They were drunk, sure, but they weren’t drunks.

Is it weird that I don t like drinking?

And even those who love alcohol know that it's just not the best for you and can damage more than just your body. However, there are some people who just don't like to drink–and that's more than okay. Whether it's for health reasons, or just personal reasons, not drinking definitely isn't the end of the world.

Other drunks welcome us in with open arms. Then, if we stop drinking, our new title allows us membership into another exclusive group – the recovering alcoholics. We’re special, not everyone can be a member of either of these groups but I have been a member of both.

The suicidal don’t need your optimism, thank you (1000 smilies!!!!)

All I wanted to do was make it 30 days without a drink. I figured if I could make it 30 days I would be able to prove the point that I had strong enough willpower to do it. I also figured that after 30 days I could ease my way back into drinking again.

being sober sucks

You might catch up with old friends or make some new ones. If you are a long-time drinker or drug user, you may be in that twilight stage of indecision between getting clean and continuing on the path you’re on. Using isn’t as fun as it used to be—it’s starting to catch up with you—but you dread what life would be like without it. Some of the best times you’ve ever known have been while using, and walking away from that might also mean walking away from friends.

Sucks Being Sober

Written in raw terms and language for the alcoholic. Reading books has helped keep my mind off of drinking, it has furthered my knowledge and has been helping me become a better person. Here’s a list of some books that I suggest reading. They are not directly related to alcoholism or addiction but they have helped me to understand how to accept personal responsibility for my own thoughts and actions. Some are very thought provoking – some are just fun to read. Regardless of whether youve been drinking for only a short time or for years, it is going to suck when you first sober up.

It’s okay to drink, it’s even okay to get drunk. Many people are capable of being responsible social drinkers – but I am not https://ecosoberhouse.com/article/sobriety-sucks-you-will-definitely-feel-better/ one of them. I wish I could get drunk, I liked getting drunk, some of the best times I ever had were while I was drunk.

During my first year of sobriety I attended 100+ meetings at 4 different locations. I heard the same stories of desolation over and over again. I was constantly being reminded that I am weak, flawed, filled with defects, I’m a despicable person. I heard the same stories again and again and was never allowed to ask questions or question the program in general (cross-talk isn’t allowed). Other attendees belittled me, threatened and assured me of failure if I didn’t follow their way, work the steps, accept a higher power and give my power over to a god.

  • Discover on your own what is most rewarding for YOU.
  • I’ll be using the word “recovery” to describe the process of first becoming clean or sober.
  • I give examples of how to expand your creativity and how to see yourself as a sober person.
  • I am not a trained therapist, I do not have any formal education with regard to substance and alcohol abuse.
  • For more proof, check out this page for an recovering addict’s account of how being sober is better.

HTV transfers Can be pressed onto any fabric of your choice dark or lights colors. We will include 1 carrier sheet for every 2 transfers purchased. You can purchase additional carrier sheets. Some designs may come with a small white border depending on how much detail is in the design. I watched nothing else, even after the channel’s programming looped and began again. The man on the right, sweating into his polo shirt, pronounced the drink “Whore-icane.” This was not intentional, merely a byproduct of his supremely altered state.

People that I thought were my friends talked shit about me, tried to undermine what I was trying to do and some even became fearful of me. Many of your friends and relatives will tell you to just avoid temptation to stay sober. Their words are well-meant and well-intended.

being sober sucks

Hey, so the whole back to nature thing is something I hear a lot. Everyone at some point considers living out Thoreau’s books and it’s almost never a good idea. You’re describing two extremes (alcoholics only live at the extremes before recovery). You can be alone and sober or you can be surrounded by people and drunk – no in between – no moderation. Does this mean that I was riddled with flaws and defects? I was pursuing a feeling of pleasure and getting drunk gave me the feeling of pleasure.

I believe that the title “Alcoholic” is overused as well as misused. Someone does not have to be clinically deemed an alcoholic to have problems in their life due to drinking. Sometimes people want to belong to this exclusive group to gain sympathy or attention, so they call themselves an alcoholic. Or they like holding this title so others will show them compassion and forgive their behavior. Your goal should be to get sober and stay sober while still enjoying a fulfilling and engaged life. You want to be able to go to parties, sporting events, concerts, etc.

  • I feel that one of my strongest attributes is my ability to accept that where I am today is a result of what I did yesterday.
  • Thank you to all of my family and friends that have stuck by me and helped me stay sober.
  • Please post only when sober; you’re welcome to read in the meanwhile.
  • Your sponsor, your group, your HP will not.
  • This research was done over a real long period of time and conducted on a whole bunch of people.